I’m Ryan Orrock.

My mission is to change how we all have sex. How we relate. How men and women connect and communicate. Maximizing our total pleasure and minimizing the drama

I support that all happening free from guilt, fear, shame, and blame.

I’m going to change how we live together and interact.

I’m going to provide feasible options to the nuclear family. Together with the principles I’ve already mentioned, we will establish communities of love and businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to give us more freedom in loving whom we want how we want.

I’m seeking a new completeness of men and women. One which perhaps none of us can imagine and which is so powerful and exciting we can’t dream what will become possible as we master all the capabilities of our bodies and minds.

I believe we are primarily on a spiritual journey. We are learning love, power, and connection.

I believe the most powerful solutions for us will be found inside us through spirit and love, not tradition or technology.