My Awakening

I have always been filled with a longing for the eternal. But what is it and how do I achieve it? How do I then know I have achieved it?

I tried to be as good as humanly possible in my Spiritual Tradition. I felt stagnant.

One day, it happened that a Voice inside me said to me, “Try something else.”

So I left my Tradition and began looking for other ways to find…whatever it was I was looking for. Healing was a good place to start because I was aware of ‘illness’ in both body and emotions holding me back.

I worked with multiple modalities. Every experience was a new puzzle piece. Somehow, however, something was missing. The Stress was still there. The nervousness was still there.

I spared virtually no effort or sacrifice to achieve greater healing and wholeness.

After years of work, I found that I still hadn’t found the answers I was looking for to either completely heal my body nor have the ultimate answers about healthy and happy interacting.

I discovered non-violent communication (NVC). There, I found a view of life which was based on the concept that there is no inherent ‘right or wrong’ way to do anything and that no one had the authority to tell me what to do. This resonated very strongly and I spent months internalizing it.

This enabled me to unload massive amounts of guilt and shame which I had been carrying.

I began to see that I was like everyone else, a unique human incarnation looking for fulfillment of needs and acknowledgement of feelings at the deepest levels.

Two courses were shown to me. I had neither time nor money to attend either of them, but I signed up anyway. Because “The Voice” had spoken—the voice inside. And I have learned to listen to The Voice when it speaks.

During the first of these courses, major massive breakthroughs happened.  I felt a bit like Neo must have felt in the Matrix when he realized that he could simply decide and thus change anything he wanted.

After this, I was shown how some of my core habits and attitudes were connected with others’ reactions to me.

The journey continued.

I discovered the work of Osho and some of his disciples.

I began to meditate. I began to lose identification with my ego and my thoughts and to enter into realms of thought-less-ness and connectedness where everything became one and no worry was necessary.

Many of the physical and emotional issues that I had worked at through the years suddenly vanished or improved significantly. I was shown many tools to help others.

My greatest joy has become to share some of  that which has  proven useful in my search and to help others reach their full potential by deepening their consciousness and seeking their own transcendence.