About Ryan Orrock

For over a decade I have focused on how to use the mind and body in the most effective, healing, and pleasurable of ways for freedom.

From my studies, I have created a series of systems to facilitate that.

Writer. Facilitator. Communicator. Coach. Mindworker. Bodyworker. Counselor. Healer. Trainer and even Dom. Meditator and Energy Worker.

I’ve written some short handbooks of my experience including “The Total Man and Complete Woman: A Comprehensive System for Living Healthy Sexual Roles”.

More about me

Here is my healing training. Other information below.

2005 – First energy healing training and experiences of Constellation Therapy. This is when I realized that there was a world of the energetic, that when a mother kisses a toddler’s “ouch!” that that is actually healing and why it is so. Also, my first Reiki training, which I would come back to much later.

2008-2011Tantric Studies with John Hawken, founder of SkyDancing Tantra UK. This is based on Margo Anand’s work (with John’s humanistic/Reichian psychotherapy and shamanism thrown in)

  • 2x one-year, 30-day transformational Sacred Body Passionate Spirit training. First as a student, and then as an assistant/training with John Hawken. This training:
    • heals guilt, shame, and fear around sexuality
    • provides a doorway into consciousness around one’s beliefs about love, relating, and sexuality
    • teaches one the keys to breath, movement, and sound that are used to open to a deeper experience of sexual energy
    • Ryan also assisted the training in Great Britain in 2011-2012
  • Dark Eros – linking the energy of Dominance and Submission/BDSM to Tantra and Consciousness. Role-play, light BDSM and tons of transformational fun! (3x)
  • Reichian Bioenergetics–a study of energy and how to observe, work with, and resolve emotional and energetic blocks within the body from the teachings of the character structures and theories of Wilhelm Reich. Also covered therapeutic considerations when working with clients and related issues. (16 days)
  • The Path of Transformation – A group exploring what it means to be a man with ritual experiences of the divine feminine – 4 days
  • Mary Magdalene pilgrimage to S. France – Four days exploring the legends of Mary Magdalene in the Provence, including the cave where she lived for 20 years, the city “St. Marie de la Mer” where she arrived on a ship from Jerusalem, and the cathedral where her skull (!) is on display.
  • Studied John’s “fire-medicine” (tantric teachings of the native Americans) inspired series of six tantric massages: earth, air, fire, water, spirit, and integration (2 x 2 days)
  • Taoist Erotic Massage – A very special massage using 50 choreographed strokes to harmonize and align body energies (2 days)
  • Kashmiri Shivaite massage – A massage unlike you have ever experienced (until you have experienced it!). The receiver is in deep, nurtured connection with the giver as the body is worshipped with sacred oils in sacred space (2 days)
  • New Year’s Sex Magic Event – Manifesting your dreams and intentions via the power of erotic energy. (2x – 3 days)
  • Working with Male Sexuality training in Vienna Austria – Client intake process, setting intent, transference/countertransference, special considerations when working with the male-bodied. (2 days)
  • Participated in and assisted at various weekend and evening courses in 5 countries (!) (UK, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia) getting to know the beautiful people of all of these places.

2009 – Sex Magick Manifestation rituals with Richard and Denisa in Prague, Czech Republic – Weekend Workshop

2009-2011 – Cranio-sacral techniques training with Nijesh Hesse, Nijesh is an original Osho sannyasin from the Oregon commune. His take on CST provides a virtually sacred context for working with the tensions and blocks in the nervous system. Very useful for relaxing and helping the body and emotions settle into ‘what is’. One of my favorite, most peaceful modalities. Intensive CST exchange with Majka Zelenakova. (14 days)

2009-2011 – Worked with Daniel Prieto for the next several years in his intensive workshop ‘The Human Voice’ in Vienna, training in holistic and healing vocal technique (with him speaking virtually never!). Also studied with Dr. Jaan Karl Klasmann in holistic 1:1 voice training and in his intensive workshops. Also, Duncan Lorien.

2010 – Visceral Therapy with Nijesh Hesse. Visceral therapy is the healing of the inner anatomy, organs, and various sphincters in the digestive system (7 days).

2010 – Meditation Camp with Nijesh Hesse  Deep experiential retreat where we learned and practiced Dynamic, Nada Brahma, 4 Directions, walking, laughing, sitting, and various other kinds of meditations. (7 days)

2010 – Tantric training with Komala & Khushru, a beautiful Brazilian/Austrian couple bringing tantric teachings from the Osho Ashram in Puna back to Europe. One week in August 2010.

2009 – 2011 – Opened and managed the Vienna, Austria Tantra Temple, offering tantric therapies and bodywork with other professionals in a beautiful sacred space.

2010 – Family constellation workshop with Bhagat J. Zeilhofer, CZ. Bhagat is an expert in NLP and also an Osho sannyasin from Oregon. He has created a place called “Shangri La” in the hills in northern Bohemia where he holds transformational courses. Family constellation is one of the most powerful healing modalities available and has its roots in Gestalt therapy. In this intensive workshop, we worked with 23 participants in understanding and transforming the energetic and emotional systems that were running in their lives and to find ways to transform and move beyond the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks keeping them from success. (4 days)

2010 – Energy Healing/Reiki II training with my dear friend Antonia at Tarambora in Bavaria (1 day)

2010 – Energetic Orgasm training with Andrew Barnes. If you want to learn about no-touch orgasms, Andrew is your man. The most active and popular teacher about this subject, as well as a gifted bodyworker and entertaining presenter about the topic of sexuality as well. Stems from Nivana bodywork from Shantam Nityama (www.nityama.com). (2 days)

2010 – NVC introductory workshop online and audio-based teacher training from Marshall Rosenberg. This was life-changing for me. I had heard of NVC a few times but 2010 was the time when I had the motivation to finally dive deeply into the consciousness behind Non-violent Communication. I studied these materials for about 7 months before finally ‘getting it’ and seeing a deep transformation of my own relating. I now very happily pass on what I learned through NVC-based relationship coaching with extremely satisfactory results.

2011 – 10-day Tantra Massage training with Denisa and Richard, CZ. Denisa and Richard are pioneers in tantra massage in Prague, CZ and have a complete system for performing tantra massage that is becoming quite famous in central Europe and beyond. Their 10-day training covers everything from massaging eyes and inside the mouth and ears to releasing blocks in the perineum and anal region.

2011 – Ecosexuality and Conscious Sensuality Seminar with Serena Anderlini and Robert Silber. This was a fascinating chance not only to enjoy homemade Italian food (bellissimo!!) but to dive into the world of eco-consciousness around love and sexuality.

2011 – PublishedMy Healing: Sexual Healing Journeys for Women“. This small book uses real-life examples with details changed to protect identities and tells of some of my experiences around sexual healing. What is sexual healing? How is it done? What can happen along the way?

2011-2012 – Analysis, Study and Practice of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra through Osho Book of Secrets – After experiencing my own awareness breakthrough via the exercises and concepts stemming from the Book of Secrets, I set out to completely study this 500,000 word tome. So I have. Much of what I gleaned from practicing the meditations of this ancient tantra text flows into my messages and coaching.

2012 – Published “The Total Man and Complete Woman: A Comprehensive System for Living Healthy Sexual Roles“. This is my magnum opus on sexual healing. It explains how to heal all the primary masculine and feminine archetypes using the segment system of Wilhelm Reich and archetype system of Carl Jung. Although it is primarily a text for sexual healers seeking a systematic approach to sexual healing, it can introduce anyone to the archetype system of Jung, the segment system of Reich and exercises one can do to more fully live healthy sexual roles.

This book provides a framework for much of the healing and teaching I share and I often reference it during my workshops, coaching, and training.

2012-ongoing – Launched my Erotic Hypnosis YouTube channel, which has over two million views. Further studies, experiments, and explorations in that continue. More intense explorations of D/s and BDSM.

2013 – Pelvic Heart Integration training with Deborah Anapol.  This is Jack Painter’s work around sexuality and the split between the heart and the sexual energy. (5 days)

Love Coach training with Scott Catamas. Advanced NVC applications. (4 days)

Assisting and presenting at Pelvic Heart Integration training with Deborah Anapol. Local practice group also.

2014 – Master’s Class in Sexuality and Hypnosis with Mark Cunningham.

1:1 Coaching with Jason McClain – Evolutionary Sales/Business/Life, Marshall Burtcher.

2015 – Superhero University with Michael Tertes–workshops and coaching, Intensive Forgiveness Coaching with Eileen Barker.

Intensive healing with Sunny McCracken.

Mastermind with Sumati Sparks.

Coaching from Jenny Sauer-Klein – Founder of AcroYoga.

Exchange coaching with Adam Koren,

East Bay Men’s circle visits and Circling with The Circling Institute with Guy Sengstock.

2016 – REVEL. Learning live from David Ley about “The Myth of Porn Addiction”.

2017 – Taking care of an ill parent, learning tango, returning to racquetball, and connecting with the world of surrogacy. Workshop with Barbara Carrellas in sacred BDSM.

2018 – Six months of intense vision and travel work in England (Think the DaVinci code, but with spirituality), then Toronto Canada, healing with eros and positive thinking.

2019 – Introduced to Erotic Blueprints. Had my 2nd Domme. Learned to stand up for myself.

2020 – Chris Voss and Radical Negotiation. Wrote a book on Marriage and its Evils. Dove deeply into healing SRA and network abuse with one client.

2021 – Started studying poker as a path to Masculine Energy.  Began studying White Tigress and spreading awareness of this path.

2022 – Created a podcast about True Freedom. Deepened Tigress practices. Worked more with SRA and trauma healing (myself and others). Learned deeper meditations for healing the body through awareness. Began to understand Space. Found a fantasy relationship or two.

All along, giving hundreds of coaching, healing, and energy sessions. Being present with people. Allowing what needs to happen to happen.

I was Charlie Brown for the school musical my 8th grade year. I performed through high school and majored in music–intended to be a choral director at Ricks College, now BYU Idaho.

I served an LDS Mission from Oct 1995-Sep 1997 in Leipzig, Germany.  I learned there to listen to the voice of God and follow my inner guidance.

People came to me with manuscripts about sex, including Laura Brotherson and a few other LDS and non-LDS.

I also left active practice in the LDS church June 14, 2003.

I was swept into the dot com madness for a few years and from there ran my own IT consulting and software localization company which I sold in 2011.

The following training and experience in a world I never knew existed until that point followed.

Who is Bayraba Ven?

Bayraba is my ‘tantric moniker’ and is an English version of the Hindu tantric God Bhairava, one manifestation of Shiva–who uses the power of fire to burn through illusion and self-deception.

Fire and water are prevalent elements in my charts of all systems (Fire Dragon in Chinese astrology and Cancer in the zodiac) and this is represented through the name and is present in my facilitation and personal session work.