What is the Book of Secrets by Osho?

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra presents 112 simple methods methods of meditation which are intended to assist in gently reaching enlightenment. 5000 years old, these methods are rather cryptic to typical western readers.

Osho’s Book of Secrets consists of 80 lectures that Osho gave to explain the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Osho explains each method in detail.

He also presents, in this 1000+ page tome:

  • The theoretical background of tantra
  • The purpose of tantra
  • The mechanism of tantra to reach enlightenment

Along the way, he deconstructs much of what we have been taught is true about life, the world, and ourselves.

The Book of Secrets isn’t very difficult to read–Osho is an entertaining and relaxed speaker. However, it is quite long.

Therefore, as I have been studying the Book, I have been marking the important stuff, the interesting stuff which I have compiled into a “one paragraph per day” e-mail course about the Book of Secrets.

So, if you want the juicy stuff, you can sign up for the course and you will get a short paragraph or two by Osho–the juicy bit–and a couple sentences of explanation about it.

AND, I have created a web page for each paragraph and commentary, so that you can go through Osho’s Book of Secrets every day easily without leaving your own e-mail box. 🙂

Find out the secrets about tantra, meditation, and enlightenment from the master himself: Osho.

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