Death is the ultimate experience and passing over. Those familiar with the tarot know that death has many manifestations–and none of them are ‘bad’!

But our society has a negative view of death–it’s a ‘closed symbol’ to most of us.

Something to fear.

To be sad about.

To avoid at all costs.

Aboriginal tribes often see death as simply part of life. Another step on the journey. In some, death is completely ignored. In others, it is cause for celebration.

So, what is your relationship with death?

An understanding of death is the ultimate motivation for truly living. Often we behave as if we will live forever. We try to keep life ‘static’–‘controlled’ and predictable.

But the truth is, we will all die, sooner or later. And then none of what we hold on to will be there anymore.

And what about the other deaths we experience? You might say that we die every day when we sleep and enter a different reality, only to emerge from the underworld of dreams as we resurrect every morning.

And what else ‘dies’ in life? A career? A dream? A relationship? Our concepts of self?

How do we meet these ‘deaths’ with acceptance and grace, instead of with fear and resistance?

So, with all this in mind.

What is your relationship with death?

Your own death. The death of loved ones.

Are you afraid? Terrified even?

Would you like to change your relationship to death?

Join us in this weekend workshop where we seek to confront ourselves with death on many levels to find the meaning of life for each of us.

Primary supplementary texts on the workshop:

The Words of Jesus

Osho on Death


Closely related to death is awakening.

What is awakening?

Are we ‘awake’? What does that mean?

Every spiritual tradition speaks of a state or an experience that is out of the ordinary:

  • Enlightenment
  • the Kingdom of God
  • Sat-chit-ananda
  • Awakening

What is meant by all these?

Jesus and Lao Tzu use strange metaphors. Buddha tells unbelievable stories. Are they speaking about the same thing, thousands of miles and hundreds of years apart?

More importantly, are they speaking about something that is relevant for us?

Join us for a weekend of exploration into awakening on many levels.

We will have experiences to give us insight into questions of:

  • What is the difference between satori and awakening?
  • In what ways are we asleep? Or already awake?
  • What must we let go of to achieve our deepest awakening?
  • What practices are valuable to our personal awakening?

We will build a loving community to support each of us over the coming weeks and months to continue to explore and experience our own awakening.

Primary Texts:

The Book of Secrets by Osho

The Words of Jesus

Buddhist and Hindu teachings

The Tao by Lao Tzu


What is our relationship to pleasure?

An unnecessary evil or a positive good?

What are the pathways to pleasure?

How do we avoid pleasure in our lives?

What part of the spiritual path relates to pleasure? Is pleasure something the devil uses to distract us from spirituality, or is pleasure the path itself? Or is the truth somewhere in between?

What do the senses have to do with pleasure?

How do we experience true sense-uality?


Ecstasy is Necessary by Barbara Carrellas

The Art of Everyday Ecstasy by Margot Anand



Many resources in our world tell us the ‘how’ to be more efficient, get our to-do-lists done in less time, achieve even more, and be positive while doing it.

Fewer tell us about how to decide what should be done.

And a very few spiritual texts engage us on the level of purpose and meaning.

To what end do we develop our energies? Focus our attention? Become more productive and efficient?

These are questions of spirituality, of purpose.

If we do not find and dedicate to our greatest spiritual purpose, we can climb all sorts of ladders and then discover we were leaning against the wrong wall.

Our time together will be dedicated to exploring the questions of spirituality:

What is it?

Where does it come from?

How do we develop it?

Why is it so important?

How do we avoid spiritual traps and pitfalls?

Primary texts:

The Gospels

The Words of Osho


On Demons


Healing Masterclass