Why is supervision important?

Why supervision?

I recently spoke with a friend who had stopped doing sacred sexual healing. I asked her why she had stopped (she is very talented) and she replied that there were three fundamental problems, which she named. After one hour of discussion, we had together found ways to overcome all three of those problems.

At the end, she said, “Wow. I didn’t know that it was that easy. I do want to do this work again.”

Simply speaking with someone about what she was experiencing was enough to enable her to get enough clarity and insight to continue her work. Most of the conversation was simply mirroring what she was saying and how she felt.

Do you have someone to talk about this work with?

Regular professional supervision is essential to doing your best work, finding out what you can improve or do differently, and helping you deal with the emotional, energetic, and spiritual stress that comes along with being a sacred sexual healer.

Here are some things you might want to discuss in supervision:

  • How to best help and serve your clients.
  • Transference / countertransference
  • Boundary issues
  • Effects of past wounds on healing
  • Additional ways to support clients
  • What you are feeling in session
  • Peripheral issues that can effect your sessions

My craniosacral therapy teacher told me to receive at least one session for every ten I provide. Do you make space to receive the healing you are providing, in whatever form is useful to you?

Arranging for supervision shows a powerful commitment to yourself and your clients and visitors. If you have not yet begun with supervision, from my own experience as a healing I can only recommend doing so.