The Second American Civil War

When you read articles like this it becomes plainly obvious that we are in a war. Like all wars, this one has also started from a few competing ideas. And it’s mostly about money.

Some of the ideas which are competing are these.

Topic How it Is How it Can Be Example
Land and Property Should be owned by whoever holds legal title, regardless of whether it is used or not. Should be peacefully used for the maximum good and happiness of people. Empty buildings. Banks refusing to sell (money reasons). People occupying.
Money No money equals no food, poor clothing, no adequate housing, no health care. People should be able to create their own spaces, grow food, and create clothing and receive health care—even if they have no money. Intentional community.Patch Adams’ hospital. 

New cheap and simple construction methods.

Personal freedom Governments should decide who can be allowed where, when people can be and what they can do there. People should be able to find the space that makes them most happy and tailor it to their needs. They are responsible to their local community only. Virtually no country allows this now!
Governance Corporations run the political process–through money. The political process is actually just people trying to get their needs met. Politicians are superfluous! Community participation. Consensus process (where every voice is heard). Internet voting etc.
Violence If people don’t agree, the most violent wins (with biggest weapons for most money). Violence has no place in the new world Occupy Wall Street. Egyptian Revolution, etc.

As you can see, this is a strong ideological debate. Which side are we on? Or are we on both at times?

Our world makes no sense (primarily because of our attitude toward money. See Sacred Economics–a fantastic book on the subject.)

We are here to be happy, contribute and enjoy the world.

The best and the brightest in our society move electrons around to produce various numbers that don’t even exist in real life. The second best and brightest become lawyers (focused on extending disputes, not solving them).

And they are not even happy!

What a waste!

Those ‘trapped’ in the endless pursuit of wealth have precious little time for anything else, suffer heart attacks, destroyed relationships, resort to endless prostitution and drugs (see the movie “Inside Job”–the true story of the banking crisis, narrated by Matt Damon). Not even the winners are happy. So let’s change the game.