A New World?

My Main Purpose

My purpose is to prepare and help transform the world, especially the Greater Utah area into as pleasurable, heaven-like place as we have any right to desire.

Now, the challenge with that is that almost everyone is ‘hacking at the branches of evil’ as a wise man said. And the roots are deep and hidden.

So, I often feel like I am screaming into the tempest, with no one even ever able to hear what I am saying.

Everyone wants to blame the Republicans or Dummy-craps (that’s what we used to call them in elementary school in Utah). Bzzzzt. Wrong.

Or they blame the religions.

Or they blame ‘the patriarchy’.

And almost everyone misses the fundamental water-they-are-swimming-in that keeps us all suffering.

And if I tell you what it is here, you won’t even get it, most likely. It took me a very long time to get it even with the smartest people in the world and history screaming it at me constantly.

The cure soundsĀ even weirder. Because if you can’t correctly diagnose the disease–in fact, most of us proscribe the ‘illness’ in ever increasing doses as a path to overcoming the issues that are constantly getting worse and worse–then you can never find the cure.

And so, am I relegated to hinting? Teasing? Tantalizing? Or simply expressing the true truth to a very small group within a larger group?

This seems to be what Jesus did. Impress people. Heal them. Do miracles. Draw them near. Give the message. And then watch most simply scatter.

So, if it’s good enough for him? I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

But, there are building blocks. Modules. Stepping stones.

They have both been hidden from time immemorial and have been with you the entire time.

There I am getting cryptic again!

In order to translate the path into some language that some of us understand, I am using a couple contexts.

Ones that surprise me.

  1. A new spiritual force-Christo-Tantrism
  2. White Tigressism, in a new form. While it isn’t perfect, it’s a very virginal system of relating that can open us up to experiences beyond our beliefs and some additional miracles. It provides a framework for exploring the same.
  3. Poker — A form of warfare that can teach men a lot about what is happening outside and inside. I was surprised about this one too.
  4. Housing and space
  5. All sorts of other topics…but I won’t confuse you too much here.

Yes. The world is drastically changing. Over the next few years, old systems will collapse and new ones will be created–light, and probably dark as well.

It’s my job to use what I have learned and experienced to help us all find the deeper, more pleasurable and happy paths, avoid deception, and experience love and joy together.


Ryan Orrock / Bayraba





Here’s the main Tigress page.

Ladies, I am talking about White Tigress quite a bit and there is a lot of resonance about it.

So I will be writing more. You can join our White Tigress telegram group at this link.

What White Tigress is and does is provide a method to:

  1. Use sexual/erotic energy for more than just procreation and fun. You can use/channel it to create rejuvenation and longevity (it is said). There are more possibilities.
  2. We do not need to solely rely uponĀ physical expression of energy. Though the fluids and the energies of the body in direct contact are very powerful and useful.
  3. This is a road less travelled. For the most adept, powerful, brave, and unconventional. You can adapt it to yourself and use only those parts which you choose to. You do not have to do everything ‘by the book’. Indeed, the society that book was written for no longer exists. You are at the forefront of the revolution. We all are.
  4. Contact me for attunements, sessions, Q+A and other ways to explore and express White Tigressism (Neo-Tigressism) in this new paradigm.
  • Flaming Dragon / Bayraba