Sacred Sexuality Supervision Package

Sacred Sexuality Supervision

Professional supervision–speaking about what you are experiencing in session–is one of the most important things that a sacred sexual healer can do for him or herself. For dakinis and dakas, sacred sexual healers, bodyworkers, and those engaged in similar work, a friend inspired me to come up with a “SSH Supervision Package”.

This includes:

  • One hour of supervision, in person or via Skype (supervision includes discussing your sessions and your experience with your work)
  • Two hours of body/energy work (this can be tantric or non-tantric, whatever will be most useful for you)

Experience has shown that supervision is one of the most key ways for a healer to avoid most pitfalls that exist in the journey as a sacred sexual healer. Receiving regular bodywork and energywork can provide space for the body, soul, and spirit to overcome and prevent many issues that can plague someone in this profession. This combination is offered as a monthly package for £150. Contact me if this is interesting to you.

Supervision alone is available at £75 per hour live or via Skype. Body/energy work is priced at £100 per hour.

If you would like group moderated supervision with other sacred sexual healers, this is available as well.