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Shantam Nityama is one of the disciples (Sannyasin) of Osho. He has invented an energywork modality which does not involve touch but which nonetheless powerfully moves the energy of the recipient, especially through the swadhisthana (2nd) chakra.

His ideas about men, women, and relating are groundbreaking–or so natural that any child would say ‘of course!’, depending upon how you look at it.

This is a video of an interview he gave describing the current patterns that men and women have when relating, describing what doesn’t work and how they can be fixed. (The interviews continue on the YouTube page).

Enlightened Masters

Enlightened = has experienced the non-duality of all things.

Master = See Osho’s words on the subject

Eckhard Tolle

Amir Mourad

Maha Vajra



Article: The Holy Whore

John Hawken

Documentaries You Need to See


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