Meditation and Consciousness Evenings

Meditation-graphicMy definition of meditation is being in the ‘Here and Now’.

There are many ways to do this but they all lead to the goal of oneness, sat-chit-ananda, or enlightenment.

In addition, meditation helps us deal with pain and suffering in the present, resolve emotional blocks, relate better with others, and move forward in our life’s path.

Every evening we will speak about and experience some forms of meditation to benefit our daily lives.

We will talk about:

  • roadblocks to meditation
  • how to know if we are meditating ‘rightly’
  • what to do if we are “burned out” on meditation
  • how to find the meditation that is ‘right for us’

Join fellow humans on the path of growth for these enjoyable ‘meditation evenings’.

Led by Ryan Orrock

When: Mondays, 7 PM (Next one Jan 7, 2013)

Where: Kensington, CA (Berkeley Hills) — Contact us for address (RSVP necessary for first-time attendees)

What to Bring: Water, Meditation cushion to sit on

Who: Anyone 18+

Cost: First-time attendees by donation. Standard: $25

Contact at 347-681-2737 or e-mail via the contact page for RSVP and directions.