Playing together / Working together

If you read what people say, you will see that people had many of their most powerful growth experiences in our work together.


Because being around me may be the most challenging thing you can do to your current state of being.

I guess it’s better than death, cancer or serious illness, abusive painful relationships, financial catastrophe, or any of the many other ways that ‘the universe/God/our Higher Self’ sends wakeup calls that we can often avoid and/or minimize through opening to change.

Compared to those things, working with me is easy.

Of course, the beautiful, positive effects of working together are pretty awesome as well.

If you like the sound of that, we may be a fit.

It also helps if you are a sensitive personempath, healer, someone who serves and helps others naturally. This is where I come from.

I do require three things of you:

  1. Faith — Do you believe in me? Believe in you? And do you believe in the path we are going together? After we’ve discussed that, of course.
  2. Commitment — Are you sure that when the going gets tough, you will continue on toward your goals, with my support. (Usually symbolized with a large amount of money invested up front.)
  3. Surrender — The willingness to be open to trying new things, be challenged in your views and opinions, and let go of who you think you are, for starters.

Still interested? Read on.

What topics can we cover?

  • If you would like support with your business, go to I have group and 1:1 programs that have taken several of you from $0 – $10k a month (esp. as someone who works with sexuality). And beyond, if you are interested in that.
  • If you have suffered severe trauma (meaning: trauma that is so intense that most people/therapists don’t believe you), and you want support.
  • If you would like to dramatically improve sex/relationships/intimacy, I am available in several formats.
  • More intense programs…? Ask me!

Applying to Work Together

If you would like to consider working together, fill out this application and send it to me.

After that, we will set up an appointment to talk.

I look forward to speaking with you.