Tantra Massage Training

If you would like to connect more deeply to your heart so you can heal others through your hands, heart, and soul, learn tantric massage.

In cooperation with the John Hawken, we have created the following series of private trainings along with group tantric massage courses.

Unlocking what is Inside You

Learn to unlock the hidden mysteries of pleasure and energy through touch.

Healing the Healer (4 days)

This training is focused on healing your emotional and energetic bodies. This will enable you to enter into a greater state of wholeness, focus, and compassion in order to most effectively serve as a sacred sexual healer.

Tantric Initiation (4 days)

Tantric initiations allow you to enter into your personal power. Only when you are in your power can you hold a safe space for yourself and your guests. Once you have access to this power, you will be enable to truly change the lives of those whom you touch.

Learning Touch (4 days)

You will be shown multiple methods to touch, and experience what these forms of touch call forth in yourself and the Other. Many techniques are shown that you can apply in your massage practice. You will also learn to connect these with the heart and your insight into what your client needs.

Energetic Power (3 days)

Learn how to sense energy in yourself and the Other, how to move energy for greater aliveness, healing, and manifestation. You will learn techniques of Presence which open the body and soul up to release both the traumas and wisdom stored inside.

Intuition (3 days)

You will be shown how to open to your intuition for you to follow new pathways of healing.

Sacred Space (3 days)

You will be shown how to create and hold sacred space within the energetic and physical construct. Techniques of subjective reality and energetic focus are shown to enable you to perform shamanic journeying with your guests.

Complete Rituals (2 days)

Rituals are methods of focusing energy and consciousness to a specific intent. Rituals manifest their energy by altering the  space and time and  make the impossible possible. You will be introduced to several healing rituals intended to call forth immense power for healing and manifestation for yourself and others.

Spiritual Protection (2 days)

You will be shown fundamental spiritual practices of consecration and dedication which protect you from danger, confusion, or spiritual jeopardy both in your life and in your tantric healing practice.

If you would like to participate in any of these private modules, or are interested in group trainings, contact me.