How I work

I was telling my coach today, “We get paid to expose people to themselves.”

In any other business, people are sold something they don’t have or can’t do for themselves.

In our business, the value we give is in introducing people to themselves. Parts of themselves they are unfamiliar with, which have been lost, cut off, or hidden…sometimes for years.

It may be their capacity for pleasure. Or creativity. Or power. Or healing.

The healers and shamans I most enjoy receiving from and what I attempt to be is as clear and transparent as possible for what is present in the moment. That may be very peaceful or very active. It depends on whom I am with.

What it definitely will be is challenging. Activating new parts of ourselves is like getting an old creaky machine working again. Like working out, we can experience some spiritual ‘stiffness and soreness’ as we get things going.

What is important?

I find that those who see the greatest gains during our connection is three elements:

  1. Faith. Belief in yourself, in me, and in the journey we have chosen together.
  2. Commitment. The decision to get to your goal, no matter what.
  3. Surrender. This, for me, is a willingness to try new things, not fight the process, and be open for new practices and ways of being.

Still with me?

Let’s do it.