What People Say

Ryan OrrockIt seems that all personal development nowadays is pretty much the same.

Clear limiting beliefs. Heal emotions.

It’s not rocket surgery.

So how do you know who(m?) to work with?

Perhaps it comes down to having someone who has been on this particular path before you?

Sometimes the next step of becoming feels like death. We let go of so much we are ‘sure was us’ and life moves forward.

The best teacher the world has ever seen said “if you aren’t willing to hate your own family, tear off body parts, and give up your own life, if necessary, you aren’t going to get to god.”


Was he right?

You don’t have to do it alone.

We are portals for each other.

From one kind of life to another, new life.

I aim to transform the experiences of life into ever-deeper, more pleasurable expressions of our divinity.

What is possible? You will never know unless you let go of what you know is possible now.

These are some reports of experiences.

“I’m Liz and I’m a BJ-holic.  I’ve always enjoyed giving them, but now?  They make me orgasm (perhaps cumming my brains out is a useful phrase here) like crazy, no joke.  I close my lips around him and promptly detonate, and when I do, it sets him off.  I stay down there for a good two hours and we become a cycle of orgasms, feeding off each other, sending energy into each other.  When I’m about to cum, I concentrate on sending the orgasm to him, through my lips.

“It’s fabulous, and he’s volunteering to do the chores we usually fight over.  Hmmmm…nice long blow jobs for 2 weeks straight where I get to cum my brains out AND I don’t have to do laundry?”

Liz recently updated:

“Best sex of my life last night.  Seriously.  Fuuuuuuuuck.

Let’s back up to yesterday morning during chakra spinny time.  Set one to spin.  Orgasm.  Set the second to spin.  Orgasm.  Set the third to spin…well, you get the point. [She’s talking about an exercise I teach…] What is that?  A chakra-gasm? Whatever, I’ll go with it.  Repeat performance this morning.  Yay. …

My partner managed to share orgasms with me at the same level I can share them with him.  What I’ve been explaining clicked in his brain and he zapped me with some killer ones.  And that was before the sex even started.  What followed?  Fuuuuuuuuck!

….does this mean I have to start doing the laundry again….?” [Haha!}

– Liz, NY (married for 12 years and working with me privately for about 3 months)

 “My entire nervous system can relax when there is masculine containment of this caliber and vulnerability. …

*Thank YOU* for sharing that quality of who you are with me and the group…

I am *loving* this whole situation you have created. I am learning so much by observing how you show up in 100% dedication…balls to the wall… to add value and joy to this group….it’s super inspiring. I truly feel so blessed that you somehow snookered me into all of this awesomeness 😉 ❤️

You magnetized all these souls right to your doorstep by BEING who you are.

Anyhow, I am truly grateful for and to you – and for you being a portal for miracles.”
– Gillian Pothier, Portland

“Ryan is a brilliant coach. I appreciate not only his support but also his challenges and for holding the highest vision possible for me. Really happy to recommend Ryan. ” – Sarah Rose Bright, UK

“With over 20 years of intentional development under my belt, I am a tough nut to crack. Yet Ryan cracked that nut.

“I’m incredibly grateful to and for him. Yes, a lot of times he was just there listening … but then the power comes through in what he offers after that – AND it’s provided a space for me to expand and explode personally and professionally. His patience and his prodding eventually got through to even me. And that’s really saying something.”

“He’s got a big heart, a powerful mind, and has a commitment to evolution that is like few others I have seen.

“I am so excited that he is a witness, a catalyst.., and occasionally a mentor…gentle in the way that he offers something and he does it very wisely…

“I am also blessed to be able to call him one of my closest friends.” – Jason McClain

“Coaching with Ryan, Sunny and Rebecca rocked my world. In the safe space they created, I was able to let down my guard and in about two hours, I shifted from a state of deep sadness, to feeling completely empowered, to the point that my body was literally buzzing for hours afterward. I was able to release stuck energy that I’m sure had been living in my body for decades or longer. I tapped into a life force inside me that I’ve never felt before, and I walked away actually believing, for the first time in my life, that my natural gifts are of value. If you’re ready and open to experiencing a magical shift, they’ve got your back!” – Jessica Libbey

“Over the years, I’ve experienced just about every different type of healing modality and every different type of healer. From shamans, to energy healers, Chinese medicine doctors and crystals healers, I’ve tried it all. Out of every healer I’ve ever worked with, Ryan is simply the best. What makes Ryan’s work so impactful is the presence and clarity Ryan brings to his work with his clients. Ryan has a way of getting down to the marrow of the issue, without you even realizing there was anything there. If you are ready to dive deep and truly change your life, I would highly recommend working with Ryan.” – Sara J., 30

“Ryan is the real deal. I have been to numerous therapists, healers, and teachers for various issues and none were able to heal me the way Ryan did in only a few sessions.

“The experiences I had in his presence were nothing short of miraculous. Most importantly, the results have been maintained. Ryan has an amazing gift – to see right to the core of your true self, and then gently but powerfully peel away the layers until its radiance is revealed. Anyone seeking healing or awakening would be wise to have a session with Ryan.” – Athena, SF, 37

“I had a feeling that I needed….something to find my path, and from our previous conversations, I felt that he was the one to provide the space and support for that. So I spent three magical and unforgettable days with him.

“The moment we sat down together, he looked at me and immediately told me what he saw as the issue. He pointed to the base of my sternum and said, “there is something there that needs to be cleared”. We had a couple days of education and exercises,…which included practicing asking for what I want in a clear manner, energy work, and learning to come into a more powerful and sexy version of myself. Then, during these practices, I had a breakdown–and breakthrough.

“All of the feelings came up right in that exact spot–my issues with self-worth; the “I can’t”s; the perfectionism… With his support, guidance, and care I was able to push this collection of negative energy out–I literally, physically felt the energy leave my body!

“Since the short time that I spent with Ryan I have noticed that everything seems clearer, and I am more assertive in day-to-day life.

“I have gotten numerous comments – “You look like you’re glowing!” I highly, highly recommend working with him for personal growth, healing and clarity in relating to others. He is the most intelligent, perceptive, and powerful person I have ever met, plus he’s a fun and overall great guy! I could not be more thrilled to have had this experience!” – Mikki H., NYC – 26

“I literally feel new-born. Being aware, centered in my heart, together with the omnipresent consciousness and infinite gratitude–ALL is now coming to me in abundance from the infinite source! Thank you – I am utterly grateful for this experience.

“Four days with you–such strong healing … facing up to all of what I have done–Yes,it made me realize who I am and what I can do, it made me aware of my power and true capabilities!”
– Barbara, Czech Republic, 31

“These days were like a miraculous journey back to myself, deep into my soul.

“You opened a new dimension of interaction between man and woman which was so powerfully healing and beneficial for me.

“I am grateful with all my heart for your warm care, sincere support and complete empathy.

“Thank you for this unique experience.” – Ella, Ukraine, 34

And one more quote from Joseph Kramer, the founder of Sexological Bodywork:

Let me know if you’d like to speak about something you want to shift in your life.