Energetic Power: High

Fantastic! You are well on the way to living your complete orgasmic and energetic potential.

This means:

  • You have  experienced many of the types and depths of orgasms you can as a woman.
  • You probably are  very satisfied with your relating to the opposite sex

Most women who score at this level have been through extensive exploration and self-development in their sexuality and relationships.

You have probably been through more than a few valleys to reach these mountaintops. You have gained access to your body wisdom and been able to open to your depths…

Now what?

If you have made this progress in your journey, I would ask: are you prepared to help others on theirs? Or perhaps you are already serving as a dakini, dom, or in some manner to spread the light that you have discovered within yourself. If you have not yet considered this, consider it! If you are doing it already, read on…

There are issues in this world. Are their enough clients? Too many? Worried about starving or burnout?

How much do you know about what you do? What is you training and support? Even more:  how energetically flexible are you?

You see, I have learned that there are various archetypes which are often in need of healing within the psyche of a man or woman who is brave enough to directly seek healing via erotic energy.  For example, if a man isn’t able to access his “lover” energy, often he needs to feel the “maiden” energy, rightly expressed–which can then be tempered by a “crone” energy. A wounded ‘warrior’ needs a mother’s energy.

There are 5 major body segments, from the eyes to the vagina, which can express each of these kinds of energy. There are two more energy body segments.

If you are fully energetically flexible, this means you can project any of 21 different types of energy in 7 different segments to another for healing and development.

Do you know how to do this?

Would you like to learn?