Dying to Live: Transition Quickly from Pain to Bliss

You can get anything you want in three days, if you focus on it.

Sound crazy?

This experience is optimized for people who want a whole new experience of themselves–especially in relationship–in the fastest time possible. Ryan has been leading these intensive experiences for almost a decade. (Find out more about Ryan on the ‘About Me’ page.)

In three days, you could:

  • Let go of the regret, pain, and sadness of the old relationship(s) (and be ready for the new one)
  • Feel reborn, new born, and resurrected
  • Discover a whole new you–as a woman
  • Respond and act with men in a way that gets your needs met
  • Get a rocket-boost toward the life you want

Well, you can.

Here’s how it works.

Change in life comes through daily implementation of big decisions:

  • Stay or leave the relationship?
  • Quit the job/take the new job?

It’s times like these when we flip a switch that takes us on a whole new track. Usually we know when the existing path isn’t working for us. We also know where we want to be (but often, we are afraid to admit it…to ourselves or others).

But something holds us back.

  1. Something is still taking up space.
  2. Something old is holding us in place.
  3. Something needs to die.
  4. And something else needs to enter in its place.

Our society has lost the ability and the traditions that allow us to transition effectively. Feelings are not honored. Grief is not processed. As a result, we stay stuck in old patterns, with old feelings, and the new is stifled–often for a lifetime.

I have refined a process over the last eight years to allow you to successfully transition from one point to another in days instead of months or years. Here is how we do it.

Three Keys to Change

In order to move from one period in life to another, you need three things:

  1. Space
  2. Time
  3. Attention/validation


You need a dedicated physical area for the transition to happen. Whether a sweat lodge or sun dance, ritual purified space is needed to create the safety that death and rebirth deserves.

We create a space for you just to heal, process, and move through everything your body and mind requires for you to move to the next stage of your life.


Despite our entire culture being ‘quick-fix’ obsessed, healing takes place on it’s own timetable.

Just as physical injury or illness requires rest to recuperate fully, emotional shifts and transformations require their time as well.

The good news is that we can accelerate the process of emotional healing and resolving the accompanying beliefs by dedicating time to them.

We create time for you to step out of your normal obligations, to spoil yourself, and to give your soul time to process and let go of that which no longer serves and step into a reality which will.

Attention and Validation

Having friends tell you, “that must be so hard!” is often insufficient for the massive triggered traumas that our soul needs to process. Hours of focus on what happened and what we want instead, and the feelings that surround both are necessary to fully shift from one outdated pattern into the new one.

When combined with a dedicated space and time, focus and validation are the sunlight and water to allow ‘the new you’ to sprout into the Self that is strong enough to plant ‘in the real world’.

What is the Experience Like?

The experience is completely unique for each individual. No two are alike. There are hundreds of tools, adaptations, and intuitive paths that we can participate in during the journey. These are combined in a series of ‘sessions’ every day to give you exactly what you need right now to get what you want.

What you can Expect afterwards?

Those that have dared have reported massive increases in confidence, pleasure, success in relationships, and joy in life.

Read their experiences on the home page.

How can I find out if it is right for me?

Schedule a free consultation with me on the contact page.