Daka Private Training?

Heart on Fire

A Daka is a male sacred sexual healer*.

If you have a passionate desire as a man to help heal women of their sexual issues and problems, you may want to think about Daka training.

However, there are so many issues in our world today, it is extremely challenging. Allow me to explain a few of those first.

First of all, this isn’t a ‘thing’ in our world. Hand-on healing is, with a couple exceptions, completely forbidden in our society. Especially if it does with sexuality and does not kowtow to the demands of the Status Quo.

Much of the tantric healing traditionally (in the West) happens hands-on, or, as some colleagues sometimes say, even ‘hands in’. And, for some people, more than that. You can imagine the risks.

Risk #1: There are actual predators doing this work.

Osho warned about men trying to teach tantra for this very reason.

Virtually none of the people doing this has gone without serious accusations. The bigger they are, the more common the complaints. Because most of them work in private, there is no record except testimony. [I would avoid this by documenting every session and having another person present. That is no guarantee, however].

Risk #2: You can do a great job, a woman gets triggered during a session, and equates you with the abuser, because the same feelings were triggered as during the abuse.

Risk #3: The session goes well, but then the woman’s friends and family convince her that she was actually sexually abused (not understanding this work), and then, sometime after the session, charges are pressed.

I know men personally who have served prison time while not even accessing erotic energy. Just a normal massage therapist, who gets into a she-said-he-said situation.

For all these reasons, though people still claim to do or do this work, it is virtually unknown in the West.

But, remember, 100 years ago doctors used to manually stimulate their female patients to orgasm to relieve “hysteria”. This is why the vibrator was invented.

As Wilhelm Reich noted, orgasms are healing.

How do we mitigate the risks?

  • Do not work with physical contact
  • Have another person present
  • Document the sessions
  • Have many sessions before hands-on work
  • Work within a larger community, as opposed to commercially.

Course Outline

[Deprecated, but left for reference purposes)

I stress professionalism and safety

You cannot help anyone from jail. I do not advise breaking the laws of your jurisdiction.

Nor must you to catalyze the healing that needs to be done.

Here are the contents.


Biz Topic: Examining our conscious/unconscious drivers.


  • Why do you think you want to be a Daka?
  • What stories and experiences from your life gave you this idea?
  • Who had what effects on you that made you want to serve as a Daka?


  • Consent and informed consent
  • Safety for you and your clients
  • Using the buddy system
  • Professional supervision


Marketing: Our unique abilities and transformations (homework)


  • Who are you really?
  • What transformations do you catalyze?


  • Possible intake methods and forms
  • Initial conversations
  • Finding and creating the space (physically and energetically)
    • Aspects of space


Biz: Sources of clients (leadgen) / Communicating Your Uniqueness


  • Where are you present physically?
  • Who knows what you do?
  • How do you communicate that?


  • Setting boundaries
  • Understanding your limits
  • Setting goals for client work
  • Safe space/sacred space
  • Non-verbal cues and body language


Biz: Designing long-term programs around specific issues


  • What Women are Dealing with
  • Why they would (or do) come to you
  • Your personal and professional lives


  • Experience vs transformation (becomes experience)
  • Catalyzing experience and transformation
  • Presence and modality
  • Creativity, intuition, and flexibility


Biz: Web sites, Metrics, copy, using video


  • How do you prepare for this work and sessions?
    • Long term?
    • Short term?
  • Physical/mental/emotionally?


  • Body and state preparation
  • Working with voice and words
  • Masculine archetypes and effects on feminine archetypes
  • Shapeshifting and role-playing

Homework: Practice based on these topics


Biz: Lead Conversion / New Clients / Practicing initial consultations with review


  • Initial conversation feedback and discussion


  • Basics of energy
  • Working with energy touchlessly

Homework: Practice touchless energy work


Biz: Intake practice and review, Presenting your work to a new client


  • Feedback from first discussion


  • Structuring your ‘Model Session’


Biz: Service delivery and feedback

Presentation: Practical bodywork

  • Relaxing the body
  • Establishing trust and relationship to the body (3x rule)
  • Trigger points
  • Breath (yours and theirs)

Homework to practice these issues


Biz: Financial management and considerations

  • Live session run-through and feedback
  • Journaling and meditation for clients
  • How to homework


Biz: Establishing biz processes and systems

  • Working with blocks and energy flow (Live)

This course is subject to constant change and updates and the topics presented are an overview of the possibilities, depending on client needs.

The training takes place via phone, Skype, or in person.

My Preparation

I have extensive training in sexual healing, Reichian Bioenergetics, and many other healing modalities and have been working with sexual healing since 2009. That’s all detailed on my ‘About Me’ page. I also have pages of testimonials from clients who have had massive and major breakthroughs. Some of the prominent ones are listed on my ‘About me’ page.

My current studies are deepening trance work, getting more professional development around trauma and working with people who have the most intense trauma experiences.

Still interested? Drop a line on my contact page.