Apply to learn tantra massage

Apply for the intensive 6-month tantra massage training using this form.

This training is by application only. There is a free half-day session to evaluate your preparation for beginning the course and so you can get to know me, as your primary trainer. If you would like to apply for an evaluation, fill in the form below and click “Submit”.

Most people, as preparation for this course will have:

  • Done multiple years of self-discovery and development work of some form
  • Be familiar with one or more energetic healing modalities
  • Have practice and work experience with one or more types of massage
  • Be living within a spritiual path

These are not necessarily hard and fast rules, but experience has indicated that these guidelines will tend to apply.

Only 6 applicants will be accepted for 2011. If you are not accepted for individual training with a guaranteed position, you are still welcome to participate in our group trainings.

I look forward to accompanying you on the journey of reaching your potential and entering into your full power using tantric principles.

Tantrically yours,
Bayraba Ven

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